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Patricia Benbow, '76


Mr. James T. Bullock, '55, Posthumous Member

Mrs. Erdye Brown Betrand, '61

Mrs. Myrna Spencer Deloatch, '56

Mrs. Marian Williams Exum, '73

Mrs. Beverly Boyd Joyner, '69

Responsibilities:   To set guidelines to determine nominees for induction into the W. A. Pattillo High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame and Distinguished Graduate Chapter. To review all nominations and make its recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.

Current Activities:   The Hall of Fame Committee has reviewed the current sequence of awards and recognitions that was completed by an augmented committee in early 2022 and approved by the Board.  The committee is currently searching for additional members and also a chairperson for the committee.  The committee is also considering whether the sequence of award for the association is to address the totality of the alumni and community population.  The committee welcomes comments from alumni of this page in those comments, at this point, can be directed to the e-mail address of the Secretary shown at the top to the page.

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