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Founders Award Inductees

The Founders Award, a distinguished service award, recognizes a citizen of the United States, living or deceased, who is or was in good standing as a citizen in the governmental jurisdiction where she or he resides or resided and at the ascending governmental levels. This award recognizes a person who has given outstanding service to the citizenry of the local, state and national levels and demonstrated that he or she personifies the spirit of selflessness and service as advocated by founders Nathan Lewis, Rayfield Perkins, William Boyd and George Worsley as they worked to create a spirit of reunion and fellowship.


Dr. Beverly Joyce Whitest, Tarboro Senior High School, Class of 1969 – 2019 Induction

Mr. James “Ed” Bridgers, Tarboro Colored High School, Class of 1938 - 2020 Induction

Attorney Reginald "Tony" Moss, Tarboro Senior High School, Class of 1974 - 2023 Induction

Ms. Rochelle Riley, Tarboro Senior High School, Class of 1977 - 2023 Induction

Mr. Ronald D. Wesson, Bertie County High School, Class of 1968 - 2023 Induction

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