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Pattillo High! Pattillo High

To your ideals we will aspire.

Maroon and Gold -- our emblems bold,

Beckon us on as Knights of old.

Thy noble sons, they daughters fair,

Lift standards high with bugles blare.

Long as our God, is God above,

We'll sing thy praise and show thee love!

Mrs. Thelma Quigless Foster, Composer




The W. A. Pattillo Alumni was the vision of Nathan Lewis, William Boyd, Rayfield Perkins, and George Worsley.


In 1978 following a very financially successful reunion of the Class of 1955, Nathan Lewis and other members of the Class of 1955 agreed to donate the financial proceeds to organize the W.A. Pattillo Alumni Association. At the 1955 Class Reunion, former Coach Charles England was honored.


Nathan, Rayfield, William, George and others involved in the 1978 reunion encouraged other attendees to attend a planning meeting. George was instrumental in getting the members of the Classes of 1939, 1940 and 1941 to participate. Since there were participants from Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Tarboro, the plan was to establish a National Alumni Association. The vision was taking shape.


In 1981, former students of Tarboro Colored School, W. A. Pattillo High and Princeville Elementary Schools gathered for the first reunion of the Alumni Association. The plan was in motion.


After the first reunion, more supporters came. They were Helen Knight, Eunice Parker, Grace Swinson, Iris Braswell, Rev. James Wooten, Myrna DeLoatch, Hubert Simmons, Charlie Brown, Elizabeth McMillan, George Matthewson, and Lois Cobb. The dream was taking shape.


Nathan Lewis served as interim National President. Iris Braswell was elected as the Tarboro Chapter President. In 1982, Alfred Norfleet was elected as the Washington D.C. President and in 1983; Grady Ashe was elected as the Baltimore Chapter President. In 1985 the Tidewater Chapter was formed. Other early participants in the 1980?s were Jimmie Bullock, Cora Boddie, Barbara Anderson, Evelyn Falk and Gloria Knight Staton. The vision had become a reality.


In 1983, the Alumni Association adopted an Organization Charter. Attorneys Jessie Baker and Glennie Matthewson provided legal assistance. Initially the organization was chartered as the Tarboro Black Educational Alumni Association but was later amended to be the W. A. Pattillo Alumni Association, Inc.

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