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   Chairperson:        Ms. Minnie Pitt-Pierce, '67


Dr. Veronica J. Bradley, PhD, '67

Ms. Hattie Davis, '69

Ms. Jacqualyn Perry, '67

Mr. Willie Pettaway, '67


Responsibilities:  To acknowledge serious illness and/or the passing of any member of the alumni community and offer condolences and get well expressions as appropriate. To act as a liaison to churches when called upon to assist with its projects and needs.

Current Activities:  The committee works continuously to update its platforms that are listed below:

                                  Thy Noble Sons and Daughters


                                  Our Sick and Shut-In List

The committee also recently updated the association's Benevolence Policy to be more inclusive and readable.  The committee would welcome the additions of other alumni to its committee, and it encourages all alumni to contact the Benevolence Committee regarding illnesses of alumni or death and hardships in the lives of alumni and families.

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