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Minister Lorene Whitehead McNair, '73


Mr. William I. Norfleet, '60

Mrs.Gwendolyn Betrand, '61

Mrs. Gladys Harrell Dunn, '63

Mrs. Verdell C. Robinson, '63

Ms. Mary McLean Dowdell, '65

Mrs. Loletha Ward, '66

Ms. Ann Carney Adams, '69

Mrs. Sandra Williams Armstrong, '73


To promote membership growth and retention in the association. Maintain and update the central data base membership files of all members including paid members, nonmembers, honorary members and any other categories of members.

Goals for 2024:

1.  Continue to update the database.

2.  Continue to send out reminders to current members.

3.  In conjunction with the Program Committee, reach out to the class representatives and have them contact each             member and ask them to join the association.

4.  Reinstate the issuing of membership card.

Current Activities:

Our current activities include maintaining the database and sending out reminders to expired members.  We are planning a membership campaign in conjunction with the Program Committee to reach out to their classmates to join the association.  The membership cards will be reinstated.

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