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Dear Alums and Friends,

Ecclesiastes 3:1 states: “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” God by his providence governs the world and has determined particular things and operations to particular times – the space in which all the operations of nature, of animals, and intellectual beings, are carried on. So To everything there is a season ... a set determined time when everything shall come into being. Thus "to every person a time shall come for every business under heaven.'' Wisdom dictates that we not neglect the appointed seasons.

Sept 13-16, 2012 was a time, the season, for the W. A. Pattillo High School Class of 1962 to come together to celebrate its 50th year since graduation. It was in Norfolk, Virginia and it was a grand time. Fun and emotional. We talked about our former teachers.

We talked about the rigor of the Biology class, the fun in shop and Home Economics and running that extra “wind sprint on the court or the field.” We reveled again about our 1961 come from behind football victory over Goldsboro’s Dillard High School. Then there was the recollection that “Miss Coley” wore “pretty shoes” that matched her attire. And yes, we talked about the “crush” that the senior boys had on “Miss Newsome.”

We talked about those personal times -- our friendships and courtships. Those times when a teacher took us aside for that “little talk.” Those times when teachers assisted us financially. That time when the teacher or principal “put their foot down” and made us toe the line. Yes, we remembered all of those things and we are so grateful that teachers and friends cared enough to give their very best.

There is a uniqueness about those of us who entered the portals of the Tarboro Colored High School and the W. A. Pattillo High School. We defied all odds and we have live well, laughed often and loved much. I encourage every class to come together somewhere for some given anniversary. Wisdom dictates that we not neglect the appointed seasons.



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