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JANUARY 1, 2014

Hello Alums and friends.

Happy New Year to each of you.

Like many of you the year of 2013 was a year that brought sadness with the loss of a love one. This year we lost the oldest grandchild in his 55th year, my oldest sister’s oldest child. A jewel of the family. In looking thought his computer some days afterwards I found some unfinished work that was healing but what each of us already knew. He wrote as one of his five wishes:

I wish to have my family and friends to know that I love them … to look at my dying as a time for personal growth for everyone, including me …

In my year of three score and ten this will become a staple for me. For I know that I and others at an appointed time will also fly away. In the meantime I will continue to grow and love, knowing that “Life is always moving forward, always changing … that we should never forget our past, for it has built the foundation that our future so depends” … knowing for sure that “growth may cause heartache, but it will never hold back the tomorrow climbing the horizon.” This is my wish in 2014 for you also.

Like most of you, during the holidays I enjoyed the company and love of family. At my last graduation the words of the speaker flew by me until I heard her say: “all of my success in work and life cannot take the place of success in family.” That statement struck me and, too, became a staple in my life. During the “winter of my life” as I watch my children mature more and my grandchildren grow and development the meaningfulness of my life is wrapped in my success of family. In 2014 and beyond it will be a cherish goal of mine. My wish for you also in this year and beyond.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our alumni association. You are the leaven that binds together all that has been good and perfect about our beginning, our journey and the Destiney that we seek.

Have a blessed Year 2014.

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